Monday, November 08, 2010

Job Searching in Unlikely Places

You never know where you might find someone who can help with your job search. That's why it's important to be open about the fact that you are job searching and need assistance.

Sometimes, you'll find help when and where you least expect it. Jill's Mom's Club not only helped her find a babysitter - a mom who was looking for some extra income, but helped her get a part time job working for another member whose office needed an assistant. So, two job seekers got positions out of one club event.

When my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I spent a lot of time on the Johns Hopkins Discussion Board looking both for medical advice and for support from those who were facing the same journey my father and our family was.

I still visit the Board and not long ago, Georgina posted about how she had not only lost her husband to cancer, her mom to heart disease, but her job, as well. I was able to share my book with her and give her some advice on job searching.

My brother, who runs marathons, has helped more than a few other runners get a job at his company.? The same holds true for friends who are ski instructors - they always put in a word with the hiring manager for skiers and snowboarders who are looking for work.

When you have a common bond - be it a dreadful disease, babies, sports, or simply friendship - people are more likely to help you. Here's more on job searching in unlikely places and how a common bond can help you find a new job.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Should You Wear Pantyhose to a Job Interview?

I've been in the midst of a continuing?conversation about whether you should - or shouldn't - wear pantyhose to a job interview. Even the Wall Street Journal has gotten involved in the discussion about bare legged ladies, noting that many older managers are feeling frumpy, even though they grew up during an era when you would never leave the house without pantyhose when you were going to work, let alone on a job interview.

This could be a generational issue, especially since many younger women don't ever wear panty hose, regardless of the circumstances or the weather. What do you think? Should you wear pantyhose to an interview, or doesn't it matter?

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tell Me About Yourself

What are you going to say when a hiring manager asks Tell me about yourself? or Why were you fired? - do you have an answer ready? If not, you should. In fact, you should be ready to answer most of the typical interview questions you'll be asked.

Taking the time to prepare answers will save you from fumbling around trying to figure out what to say, and will prevent that awkward moment or two of silence while you try and gather your thoughts.

Also, while I'm on the topic of interviews, don't forget to send a thank you letter. 88% of employers surveyed by Accountemps, said receiving a thank you note was important when evaluating candidates. Taking a little time to say thank you after an interview could help you get a second interview or even a job offer.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Job Application Tips

Job ApplicationThere are a variety of ways?you can apply for a job?and how you submit your job application depends on what the company wants applicants to do.?

Job applicants?can apply online for positions at a large number of job sites or apply directly at company web sites. At many businesses, especially in the retail and hospitality industries, employment applications can be completed in-person or in a hiring kiosk at the store.

Before you complete a job application,?it's important to have all the information you need to complete the application on hand. Review these job application tips to be sure you're prepared to submit an application for employment.

From the other side of the desk, Guide to Human Resources, Susan Heathfield, explains why employers use employment applications?and what they are looking for when they request them.?

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